Hours of Service regulation changes

Hours of Service regulation changes

FMCSA’s Hours of Service regulation changes has been published and the following information provides guidance on the hours service rules that are applicable through September 28, 2020 and effects due to the changes. Starting from yesterday, the revised provisions of the HOS final rule, published on June 1, 2020, took effect at 12 a.m. eastern time on Sept. 29.

What changed?

The four key changes to HOS regulations are outlined below;

HOS ProvisionPast HOS RuleNew HOS RuleImpacts
CMV Short-Haul ExemptionDrivers using the short-haul exception may not be on-duty more than 23 hours and may not drive beyond a 100 air-mile radius.Extends the maximum duty period allowed under the short-haul exception to 14 hours and to 150 air miles.Improves safety and flexibility by increasing the number of drivers able to take advantage of the short-haul exception.
Adverse Driving ConditionsA driver may drive for not more than 2 additional hours beyond the maximum time allowed. However, this does not currently extend the maximum “driving window”.Allows a driver to extend the maximum “driving window’ by up to 2 hours during adverse driving conditions.Improves safety and flexibility by allowing drivers time to park and wait out the adverse condition or to drive slowly through it – which has the potential to decrease crash risk.
30 Minute BreakIf more than 8 consecutive hours have passed since the last off-duty (or sleeper berth) period of at least half an hour, a driver must take an off-duty break of at least 30 minutes before driving.Required a 30-minute break after 8 hours of driving time (instead of on-duty time) and allows on-duty / not driving periods to qualify as breaks.Improves safety and flexibility for drivers by increasing on-duty / non-driving time by up to 30minutes – allowing drivers to reach their destination easier.
Split-Sleeper BerthA driver can use the sleeper berth for an 8/2 split-8 hours of rest that does not count against the 14-hour limit, and 2 hours of rest that does count against the 14-hour driving window.Modifies the sleeper –berth exception to allow drivers to split their required 10 hours off duty into two periods: an 8/2 split, and a 7/3 split-with neither period counting against the driver’s 14-hour driving window.Improves safety and flexibility for drivers by potentially increasing the use of sleeper berths because drivers using a berth have additional hours to complete 11 hours of driving.


HOS Final Rule Fact Sheets issued by FMCSA

What about ELD?

Electronic logging device (ELD) is used to electronically keep a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) and all drivers are required to use an ELD to document their compliance with HOS rules.



The FMCSA’s final ELD rule was published in December 2015. Considering that today the mandate applies to over three million drivers on the road, it’s important that the trucking industry as a whole is up-to-speed on its ELD facts.

By December 2017, all CDL drivers required to keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) must use an ELD to document their compliance with HOS rules. The new ELD rule adds certain technical and performance specifications that define exactly what the device must feature to enable professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers to easily track Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.


In Canada

On April 11, 2019 the CCMTA published the formal Canadian ELD rule. ELD Mandate in Canada comes into effect on June 21, 2021. The Canadian ELD standard is very similar to the USA based FMCSA. The biggest difference is third party certification which ensures all ELD providers are compliant, their service works and meets all criteria.

What is the effective date?

In USA, it’s been already mandated since December 2019. However, in Canada, ELD mandate will be rolled out on June 2021.

ELD mandate timeline

How it works

ELD is based on a smartphone app which connects to the Bluetooth-enabled CANbus reader or a GPS device and accepts RPM, odometer, VIN and other data directly from the truck on-board computer.

The ELD app permanently displays the remaining time of “on-duty” and “driving” status, so that drivers can always be in full control and ensure compliance. Drivers can quickly generate electronic logbook right on the mobile device and display in case of a roadside inspection.

Office workers who Manage compliance can then get access to the HOS web app and monitor all drivers’ actual statuses. Easily allowing the back office to clearly see if anybody is out of compliance or close to violating the rules and take appropriate measures.


ELD Benefits

  • Increases safety
    • Reduced vehicle accidents
  • Reduces Costs
  • Saves time
    • Put hours back in your employee’s day
  • Eliminate human error
  • Proactive central management

ELD Solutions

It’s never too early to prepare for the upcoming Canadian ELD (Electronic logging device) mandate which will take effect in June 2021.
Take the worry out of ELD Management. Astreon’s fully compliant ELD solutions are simple, easy to use, and provide excellent back office Management tools. Your ELD headache goes away with Astreon.
Astreon ELD is a fully certified ELD solution published on FMCSA website under “Apollo ELD”. Our solution enables carriers to be fully compliant with the mandate while staying adaptable with client needs and requests. This is the easy to use, fully functional ELD solution for your business.
For more information about ELD, visit our ELD page.

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September Monthly Update

What’s new in September

Good day Astreon clients and partners!  Have you been busy this month?  It’s not just us right?  This month we introduce some system updates and new features.  A lot of these features will save you time.  Dig in and spend 3 minutes reading this month’s update newsletter!


Developer mode

A new setting mode has been added. Developer mode enables you to see the ID of elements in the system depending on the user’s access right: IDs of stops, routes, units, and rounds. You can set the developer mode in the user settings. By default, this mode is disabled.

Nimbus screen shot 1

Nimbus screenshot2


Fuel consumption rate in a cultivation

This is really cool.  We added a new field, Fuel consumption rate, to see the value of fuel volume rate consumed by units per hectare.

Hecterra screenshot 1


Distance and area measurement tools

Did you know that you can activate a tool for measuring distance and area by clicking the corresponding icon? On the map of the cultivation page and an existing field page, there is a tool of measuring distance and area.

How to activate this tool:

  1. Click a ruler icon.
  2. Click on the points and connect the dots to measure the area you want.
  3. Mark the contour of the required are and click on the first point in the end to measure area or perimeter.
  4. To clear the measurement, click on the ruler button again.


Hecterra screenshot2


Previously, there was no functionality for measuring area and perimeter in the application(measuring distance was enabled in developer mode). This updated tool enables you to measure both distance and area immediately without leaving the application.

Maintenance Module/Fleetrun

Adding custom field to a service list

You can add custom field to a service list and see the value of custom fields for several services at once without opening each service.

You will find the new column with a custom field name:

  • on the Services page (Upcoming, In progress, Archive tabs);
  • on the Units page (Upcoming, In progress, Archive tabs);
  • in the .csv tab.


Fleetrun screenshot1

Adding custom fields for service import

On the Import service page, you will see:

  • the new Custom field section provided that at least one custom field has been created in the vehicle fleet;
  • the Custom field name dropdown list.

Services will be imported with the specified custom fields, which means that the imported services data will be more complete. You won’t have to spend your time to manually filling in custom fields after imports.


Fleetrun screenshot 2

Increasing text limit in notifications

We changed the character limit in notifications from 500 to 1,000 on the notification tab in the administration panel. Since the character limit has been increased, you can create more informative messages to share with your team and don’t have to summarize or shorten your messages anymore.


Removing restriction for email duplicates in notifications

Our new feature enables you to send different type of notifications to the same email addresses. Previously you only received the same type of notification corresponding to the email addresses. You can now specify use the same email addresses and different notifications will be sent to the same email addresses.


Useful new Feature! Estimated and actual routes

In reports, display of estimated and actual routes on the map has is more user-friendly. You’ll see a new option for displaying estimated and actual routes on the map. See the reference screen shot here.


Logistics screenshot 1


If there is a discrepancy between the estimated and actual mileages in the report, you can click the display button and see the route tracks on the map. Click the order icon on the map, and you’ll see detailed information about the selected order.


Logistics screenshot 2

With this feature, you can analyze information of the specific route and figure out why there is a discrepancy between the estimated and actual mileages.


Custom fields in orders

Custom fields can help you do in-depth analysis. We added a feature which create’s custom fields with additional details. You can add and remove the added custom fields. You can edit these values at the planning stage in active and planned routes.

The added fields are located in a separate field in the order creation/modification dialog.


Logistics screenshot 3

By utilizing the display of custom fields in the orders table, you can see the necessary data at a glance to evaluate your planning process.

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