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The Canada ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) Mandate will go into effect this week, June 12 but with a “progressive enforcement period. Jurisdictions confirmed that they would delay implementing penalties until next year, June 12, 2022 to elevate education and awareness of the implementation of ELD considering the unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators said in a statement that “Jurisdictions plan to support the mandate through a period of progressive enforcement without penalties, including elevated education and awareness, until June 12, 2022.” This period will give industry sufficient time to install certified ELD(Electronic Logging Devices) without penalty until June 12, 2022. However, early implementation measures will be benefits for you to educate your drivers and increase compliance awareness.

However, province and territorial are still responsible for the enforcement, so it is advised that you are aware of provincial or territorial regulations and requirements.

Jurisdictional website or contacts by province are following;

Procuring ELD

Any ELDs you use must be certified devices approved by Transport Canada. Unlike the U.S., Canadian regulations require third-party testing and certification of all ELDs to ensure they comply with federal rules regarding the use of the devices. Approved devices can be found here:



Astreon ELD is a fully certified ELD solution by federal and state regulations as well as Canadian and Mexican regulations. Our solution enables carriers to be fully compliant with the mandate while staying adaptable with client needs and requests. This is the easy-to-use, fully functional ELD solution for your business.

For more information about ELD, visit our ELD page.

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For more information about ELD, visit our ELD page.

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