January 2021 Monthly Update

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Good day Astreon clients and partners. Wishing you a Happy New Year and ongoing success in 2021.

Welcome to 2021 Astreon Resellers!  Despite all the challenges that 2020 brought to our mutual doorsteps, we had an amazing 2020 in terms of growth, subscribers, and the huge runaway success of 2020, DashCams!  We look forward to what 2021 can bring to our businesses with much more mutual success!

Astreon New Features and Enhancements

Separate menu tab for dashboard

The quick Dashboard was previously built into the Monitoring tab. This location was not as easy to find, and if the button was pressed it would launch the Dashboard automatically upon logging into Astreon, where you may not have wanted it to.

Now, the quick Dashboard has been moved to its own tab in the main menu bar at the top. and will no longer launch automatically (unless you had it selected from your last session).

Only units that you have selected as part of your work list will be added to the dashboard view.

Astreon Dashboard_JanNewsletter

New Video tab in the monitoring panel

Applicable to Howen Units and other Non-StreaMax Dash Cameras Systems

To enable this feature, contact Asteon Support.

On December 31, 2020, Adobe stopped distributing and updating Flash Player, a common software for video and audio playback on websites. This affected the live stream feature for certain camera models that reported directly into the main Astreon portal (does not affect the dedicated Dash Cam module).

In response to this, a new Video module has been developed and added into the main Astreon interface (top menu bar) with its own tab. This module requires activation (if you have camera models that previously used this feature and you do not have access to this new tab please support@astreon.com for assistance).

Astreon Video_Jannewsletter

Improved search results in the Access tab

We have been improving search result functionality since last summer to make the search and its result as comprehensive as possible. We have added a drop-down list with search criteria. Now a user can choose parameters to apply when searching.



The new version of the Online module

We released a large system update that provides the ability to manage rides in a new operation mode. The current version adds new features, such as the automatic assignment of one unit from a set, circular routes, and routes with intersections.


Alternate measurement units

New options have been added as alternative measurement units for time, distance, area, and volume. These new options allow you to specify the time in the 12-hour format and set Sunday as the first day of the week. The following alternative measurement units have also been added:

  • Distance
    • Miles
    • Feet
  • Area
    • Acres
  • Volume
    • Gallons

These options have been added to assist users throughout North and Latin America.



The ability to delete a fuel filling

The option to delete a fuel filling has been added (for the unwanted fuel filling, ex. If it was created in error). To do so, you must have “Delete archived services” activated.


The ability to add location data when creating a fuel filling

You can now specify the location/address when creating a fuel filling to indicate where this even took place. This provides more robust data for reporting.


Release Features

Legend: B →  Bug fix, I → Improvement made to the app, X → additional explanation

001-android-logo  →Change applies to Android ELD app      002-apple→Change applies to the iOS app   003-web→ Change applies to the online portal


185-01001-android-logo 003-webI

Forcing ELD Bluetooth connection to an existing ECM device (Android only):

Starting with version 185, resellers can allow carriers to force drivers to connect to one specific ECM
device. This will prevent drivers from scanning multiple ECM devices, connect to a wrong ECMN device
and will also allow resellers to have better control of a) deployed EMC inventory and b) billing.

A new “Force Asset/ECM-device connection” option was added to the Carrier properties. By enabling
this option, drivers will only be able to connect to the ECM device specified for the selected asset

PLEASE, make sure you add the correct MAC address to the asset.




Please enter the correct MAC address, with the correct format, for each of the carrier assets. If an asset
is missing an ECM device’s MAC address or has the incorrect MAC address the driver WILL NOT BE
ABLE to connect to an ECM device and will not be compliant with the ELD mandate (must continue
operation with paper logs):





The ELD will continue to offer the “Scan Devices” option in order for the driver to disconnect and
reconnect to a Bluetooth ECM device but it will only show the device specified on the asset’s

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