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Protect your fleet management with integrated live-feed connected A.I. Dash Cams.

The combination of sophisticated design and precise production

Astreon A.I. Dashcam

Astreon’s A.I. Dashcam is an advanced dash camera with a built-in A.I. processor to detect driving events such as lane departure, forward collision, and improper driver behavior.

It can alert the driver in real-time of dangerous behaviors, and upload events to a monitoring platform to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid him in coaching the drivers to reduce traffic risks.

All-In-One Driving Recorder Designed for Safe Driving

Astreon’s A.I. Dashcam is an all-in-one recorder designed to increase safe driving. It has not all the features of a regular dash camera, and also supports intelligent driving assistance.

It has the advantages of a powerful telematics tracker, competitive price, and low cost, secure installation.

ad plus forward camera collision warning

Best A.I. Accuracy

Intelligent identification of vehicles, lanes, and traffic conditions via ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) which has 97.07% A.I. accuracy.  Effective predictions on driving hazards such as tailgating, forward & pedestrian collision, including lane departure.

AD Plus installtioin crip

Simplified Installation

The best dashcam solutions are fully installed and tamper-resistant.  Astreon maintains this functionality, but has drastically simplified installation time and lowered the cost in the process.

AD PLUS AI Dashcam

Flexible Solution

Astreon’s latest A.I. Dash camera solution gives you everything that competing Dashcams provide, with much more.  Intelligent Driving Assistance, a great vehicle tracking solution, and automated videos uploaded to the cloud, and your inbox for quick and simple video review.

footage from AD Plus dashcam

Highest Resolution

The first 5 Mega Pixel Lens in the industry combined with wide viewing angle, and exceptional A.I. performance.

Resolution: 5 Mega Pixel | Wide Angle 2.8mm | Long ADAS Detection Range: 70m


Capture critical incidents in Super High Definition

Astreon’s built-in A.I. cameras help avoid unnecessary accidents, providing advanced active collision warning by intelligently identifying vehicles, lanes, and traffic scenes ahead via the ADAS camera and effectively predicting driving hazards such as tailgating, front & pedestrian collision, and lane departure.

  • Front Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • Front Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Stop Sign
  • Speed Limit Detection
The limitless ability of A.I.

Intelligently identifying the driver’s behaviors such as using mobile phones while driving, being drowsy, distracted, and not wearing a seatbelt via the cabin camera, including alerts, reduces traffic accidents caused by driver behaviors.

  • Phone Usage & Texting
  • Seat Belt
  • Face Recognition
  • Smoking
  • Distraction
  • Fatigue
dashcam cloud
All your videos in the Cloud

Installing dash cams help you save unexpected costs and protect yourself and your drivers.

Dashcams record and monitor live critical events such as accidents, crashes, or dangerous driving to be used in insurance claims through our cloud-based web portal.

Improve maintenance cost by conducting driver training

Aggressive driving is directly linked to excessive wear and tear, and costly repairs & maintenance bills.

By reviewing videos with drivers and engaging in active coaching you can curtail this behavior to reduce fleet maintenance costs by as much as 16%. The result? Longer vehicle service life drastically reduced maintenance costs and safer drivers.

dash cams interface
ad plus forward camera collision warning

Collision Warning

Intelligently identifying vehicles, lanes, and traffic scenes ahead via the ADAS camera and effectively predicting driving hazards such as tailgating, front collision, and lane departure in combination with the vehicle operating status.

Driver Privacy protection

Privacy Protection

Adopting the special file system to secure video data and personal privacy.

distracted driver

Distracted Driver

Intelligently identifying the driver’s behaviors such as using mobile phones while driving, being sluggish, being distracted, unfastening seatbelts via the cabin camera, and giving an alarm in combination with the vehicle operating status, comprehensively reducing the traffic accidents caused by the driver’s misconduct.

dead reckoning gps

Built-in Dead Reckoning GPS Precision

Save the trouble of speed pulse connection.

10Hz Low Latency Speed Output

dashcam cloud

Technical Features



  • Best A.I. Accuracy
  • Audio & Video Recording
  • Highest Resolution/ 5 Mega Pixel
  • Built-in Telematics / GPS Tracking
  • Reliable & Secure Local Storage
  • Continuous Recording & Critical Road Event Monitoring
  • Multiple Camera Support
  • Single Login Point – Unified Fleet Intelligence Platform
  • Available Interior/Exterior Cameras
  • Automated Real-Time Alerts with Multiple Trigger Types
  • Cost-Effective
  • Real-Time Video Feed
  • Various Hardware Models Available
  • Scalable
  • Cloud-based web portal
  • Protect Privacy
  • Built-in Dead Reckoning GPS



  • GPS Tracking & Management Platform
  • North America Data
  • Video Management Service
  • AI 1080p Camera – Road & Driver Facing
  • Driver Safety Notification Alert

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