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Mobile Forms

A complete and fully customizable enterprise software platform to transform your paper forms into digital forms and data collection apps.
Our flexible form builder can be used to build mobile forms tailored to fit your specific data collection needs without any technical experience required. Your mobile forms are automatically transformed to work in the FastField iOS, Android and Web Apps.

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A complete and fully customizable software platform

Mobile Management

Mobile Forms

Save time and money by moving away from physical paper and into Mobile Forms. Mobile Forms can digitize all your field paperwork, allowing you to:

  • Save time and money moving paperwork to and from the office
  • Eliminate the need for data entry and prevent the errors and inconveniences that stem from it
  • Increase productivity by simplifying your processes
  • Increase turnaround and invoicing times
  • Go green


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What you need to know about mobile forms

  • Works with any smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Compatible with any network
  • Offline and WiFi-only capability
  • It is completely customizable to your needs and industry
  • Unlimited forms – digitize existing forms as well as streamline other processes by creating your own form
  • Build your own form – includes form building wizard to easily created and dispatch new forms on the fly
  • Duplicate your exact form(s) into a digital format


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Offering the best pricing with the leading mobile forms applications in the market. Flexible pricing options with unlimited use, unlimited destinations and unlimited forms. Reduce paper costs, decrease processing time, eliminate clerical errors and increase productivity in the field.

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Product Overview

Digitize your workforce by eliminating the paper clog and streamlining your processes. Cut time to invoice from service with faster service completions. Capture information such as photos, videos, GPS, barcodes, signatures on site, and much more.

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Connect Your data

Bring it all together with out-of-the-box, two-way data connections between Mobile Forms and your back-office system or cloud service of choice. Mobile Forms enables you to connect all your office data and field data. The Mobile Forms Application Programming Interface (API) enables the communication between your applications or software components and Mobile Forms. REST API Looking to truly integrate Mobile Forms with your back office system? Need something more than our out-of-the-box data connections? The Mobile Forms REST API lets you customize to mobilize.

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Web portal features

Easy to use and powerful admin portal. Build, customize, edit, dispatch, and publish your forms on the fly with the online application. Manage user licenses, application settings, and general permissions associated with Mobile Forms.

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IT Solutions Tailored to your needs

Astreon is at its core a technology company. We have decades of experience in assessing the technological needs of our clients and ensuring they receive the optimal solutions. From setting up your IT infrastructure to developing software from the ground up, we will partner with you to elevate your business to its maximum potential.

Rest assured you will receive the best possible solution for your business, regardless of size or structure.


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API & Systems Integration

Our development team is fluent in 58 programming languages, with a combined analysis and development experience of over 100 years. We can talk to any system or platform and can guarantee a flawless integration with your software, whether it’s a home-grown internal tool, or an off the shelf product. With our integration capabilities you can continually improve and develop your business rather than disrupt your daily operations and workflow management.


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