Astreon Compatible Hardware

Integrated devices

Astreon’s tracking and Management system is universal. It’s currently integrated with more than 2,400 models of GPS tracking devices.

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We have the hardware to support

  • Light Duty Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Assets – Powered and Non-Powered
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Pallets & Skids
  • Mobile applications
  • Connected Cameras
  • Personal trackers
  • personal GPS trackers
  • And many many more

We also support sensors of almost every make/ model/ kind. All are fully integrated into the Astreon platform.

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Hardware Telematics Manufacturer Supported List

Astreon’s GPS tracking platform is completely hardware-agnostic and is compatible with various types of devices. We are proud to offer a list of more than 2,000 different types of devices by over 500 different manufacturers worldwide.

Advanced hardware support

We work closely with each hardware manufacturer to obtain full data set enabling complete integration with each device type.

 At Astreon, we have well-established partners which have enjoyed much success with the product listed here. We are confident that you’ll find the appropriate hardware for the right application within any budget.


topflytech logo

TopFlyTech is dedicated to tracking and management of vehicles, assets, humans and animals, building an intelligent environment involving the interconnection of all things. We provide a competitive solution ensuring safe, secure, and trustworthy products from terminal to cloud.

streamax logo

Streamax Technology is a leading mobile surveillance solution provider with a global perspective. Founded in 2002 and strongly committed to competitive mobile surveillance, Streamax continues to create maximum value for international end users, as well as distribution and installation companies.

C6 Lite Dual

C6 Lite Dual

Ad plus 2.0

C6 lite Single

teltonika logo

Teltonika provides reliable, secure and easy to use cellular 4G LTE routers, gateways and modems for Industrial, Enterprise, IoT and M2M applications.

queclink logo

Queclink empowers businesses worldwide by designing original IoT solutions that allow them to discover the possibilities within the connected world. Queclink's IoT solutions are continually improving to meet customers' needs now and in the future.

bewhere logo

BeWhere’ solutions are cutting edge, using the latest available cellular technologies (LTE-M and NB-IoT) and offering customers low-cost sophisticated technology to implement a new level of visibility to their businesses.

ela innovation logo

ELA Innovation has been developing wireless industrial beacons and sensors for more than 20 years, for a wide range of applications such as indoor/outdoor location of people and equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring, motion detection or magnetic contact.

geometris logo 140x60

The Geometris whereQube AVL™ is an in-vehicle-installed telematics unit that is designed to provide a wide range of in-vehicle functions. The whereQube AVL™ supports a variety of reporting intervals and power conservation profiles that are simple to use.

iosix logo 400x160

Founded in 2005, IOSiX is an automotive engineering firm headquartered in Saline, Michigan. A pioneer in the development of telematics in the fleet industry, IOSiX is perfectly poised at the crossroads of technology and mobility.

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