Align your business with increased sustainability needs like environmental pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel efficiency.
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Our commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value of Astreon and our technology helps our customers, the community, and team members improve their environmental impact as we walk together towards the same goal – zero emissions, reduced pollutants, and increased energy efficiencies.

Sustainability at Astreon

Virtually Paperless

Astreon has reduced its paper consumption by 75%.


  • A new paperless and secure contract agreement signing and delivery
  • Accounting system upgrades to deliver digital invoices to clients
  • PDF and digital document editors to virtually eliminate the need to print anything

Our Goals

  • Expand on all current sustainability initiatives to continue to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Achieve 100% paperless as an organization
  • Bring our Fleet to 90% BEV or PHEV by 2024
  • Introduce an electronics recycling program for internal E-Waste, including solutions for Astreon’s partners

Reduced Energy Consumption By 35%

  • All light fixtures have been upgraded to LED
  • Smart Thermostats with learning functions and remote management
  • Energy-efficient office equipment like Monitors, laptops, desktops, etc

Battery Electric, Plug In Hybrid and Hybrid Vehicles

40% of Astreon’s fleet now consists of a mixture of BEV, PHEV, and HEV vehicles resulting in a reduction in GHG production by 25%.

Recycling Program

Astreon has reduced its garbage waste by over 50% just by implementing a team member-run recycling program.

Our Partners & the Astreon Sustainability Advantages

How Astreon helps Astreon’s VAR partners reduce their environmental impact and
comply with emissions regulations.


Reduce Fuel Cost

Analyzing and improving driving behaviour, such as acceleration, braking, speeding, and reckless driving save on fuel consumption. Monitoring speed limits and driving patterns to help you educate drivers and improve their driving skills is also a major contributing factor to driving cost savings in your fleet.

Using our Fleet Management Software results in fleet-wide average savings of at least 15% on fuel costs and an increase of 30% or more on overall fleet efficiency.

reduce fuel costs
energy efficiency


Improve Energy Efficiency

Real-time performance reports of your equipment and machinery can help improve energy efficiency.

Our Fleet Management Software provides better visibility into equipment energy efficiency to help improve the performance and reliability of equipment and machinery.


Reduce Environmental Pollutants

Air pollution is becoming a big issue in many of the world’s major cities and heavy-duty vehicles are a major contributor.

Fleet management systems enable you to give drivers the most optimal route for your fleet.  Your drivers benefit from real-time traffic avoidance with our routing tools. These enhancements drastically reduce travel time, engine idling and the release of harmful pollutants into the air.

Environmental Pollutants
zero emissions

Zero Emissions

Eliminate Carbon Emissions

GPS fleet tracking technology also can contribute to improvements in CO2 monitoring. You can track exactly which vehicle and how much a vehicle is contributing to poor air quality by the data from GPS fleet tracking. With this data and reports from Fleet Management Software, you can get detailed data on vehicle utilization, carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Effective results

Fleet Efficiency

Our fuel management solution results in a fleetwide average savings of 15% or more on fuel costs and an increase of 30% or more on overall fleet efficiency.

Based on our average customer savings, Astreon Fuel Control pays for itself within 1-2 months.


Reduce fuel costs by


Optimize Fleet Efficiency

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