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Astreon Personal Tracker is an easy-to-use app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a tracker.

Scope of Application

Astreon Personal Tracking is suitable for employee GPS tracking in any business area.




Public Utilities





Public Utilities


Access to relevant data

The information is automatically updated and displayed in a modern and user-friendly interface on the smartphone screen.

Support for various data types

Employees can send photos, SOS messages, or location data by simply tapping the button.

User statuses

The application allows using statuses (Busy, Available, Away, etc.) to inform about the employee’s activities instantly.

Using QR codes

Employees can log in with a QR code and also use WiaTag as a QR and barcode scanner.

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Suitable operation mode

Depending on the required data accuracy and the desired battery consumption, the user chooses from the available Astreon operation modes or creates a custom own.

Remote control

An integrator or employer can change settings, get logs and troubleshoot issues without physical access to the employee’s smartphone.

Communication with workers

The application allows one to chat with workers, receive alerts, and request coordinates and photos.

Interaction with BLE beacons

The user’s smartphone can be connected to a BLE device, and Astreon will detect such a beacon nearby and send this information to the monitoring system.

Getting started with Astreon Mobile is easy

Astreon Mobile is a fully-featured and effective mobile workforce management service.
Build your monitoring ecosystem without employing additional hardware.
Use workers’ smartphones as tracking devices.

What you need to start

Account in Astreon

Smartphone with GPS

Astreon circle logo

Astreon Mobile App

Internet access

mobile workforce app

Download Astreon App

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Astreon Mobile in your App

mobile workforce management

Use the WiaTagKit library to add the GPS tracker functionality to a custom application.

Our mobile app can be embedded into your own enabling a single application used by your field workers, and retains all functions of Astreon Mobile.

With WiaTagKit, you get our ready-made components, which means you don’t have to spend extra time and money on developing this functionality into your own app. The extended communication protocol for Astreon helps you release the new features faster. The library can be used for iOS, Android, and any devices with Java app support.

Have a look at the quick start guide for Android and iOS.

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