Astreon Mobile turns your smartphone into a tracker

Astreon Mobile is a fully featured and effective mobile workforce management service. We capture accurate speed and detailed location throughout the day. Astreon mobile is designed to provide visibility to field workers, optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance.

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Who is this for

Manage, guide and instruct your field workers




Public utilities


Service Industry

What you need to start

Build your monitoring ecosystem without employing additional hardware.
Use workers’ smartphones as tracking devices

  • Account in
  • Smartphone with
  • Astreon Mobile App
  • Internet access
  • SIM card

Astreon Mobile in your App

Use the WiaTagKit library to add the GPS tracker functionality to a custom application.

Powered by Gurtam, our mobile app can be embedded into your own enabling a single application used by your field workers, and retains all functions of Astreon Mobile.

With WiaTagKit, you get our ready-made components, which means you don’t have to spend extra time and money on developing this functionality into your own app. The extended communication protocol for Astreon helps you release the new features faster. The library can be used for iOS, Android, and any devices with Java app support.

Have a look at the quick start guide for Android and iOS.

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