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Astreon has 30 collective years experience in the custom software development, SaaS and wireless industries. This has provided us with a unique outlook in today’s IoT industry as we develop and implement simple, powerful and easy to use applications for our partners.

We are one of the leading providers of solutions in the IoT industry. We are consistently introducing new wireless platforms, shaping the future and changing the way people do business. We provide you with the services and applications that you need to be more productive and responsive to today’s increasing industry demands.

Partnered with Gurtam, we are a Master VAR and are pleased to be your gateway to success as it relates to connectivity, SaaS applications and hardware solutions.


At our core, we are an IoT aggregator and a service provider. We implement and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems which offer many flexible options for all businesses in all vertical markets. Astreon is a VAR focused business with partners all over the world. We enable businesses to easily distribute and support white labelled or Astreon branded turnkey IoT solutions.

For the end user, if you have mobile employees, vehicles, or assets, Astreon is for you. We provide an accurate and affordable means of tracking your workforce. With compact mobile devices, combined with the extensive coverage of today’s wireless networks, we enable users to track and monitor virtually anything; not just where cellular service is available, but anywhere you can see the sky. The result is improved security, productivity, and a superior customer experience.

Our unique advantage is our flexibility and ability to provide simple, easy-to-use applications that exceed the needs of any business. We can track virtually any mobile device, black box, or package tracker. We work on any network, with any device. It’s that simple. With Astreon, you see all your assets on one screen in a simple to operate, powerful application.


Good partners are part of what makes a company. We leverage hardware, network, and application partners to provide you with the industries best turnkey solutions.

Astreon works exclusively with authorized value-added reseller partners to distribute our products and services.

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Add Recurring Revenue to your existing business

Astreon is a global platform with Resellers, Partners and Clients all over the world.  Astreon has turnkey tools to quickly and easily allow your business to hit the ground running. We provide application hosting with optional white labeling services, hardware devices, connectivity, marketing and technical support. Everything you need to get started is here.
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Astreon is a Master VAR partner of Gurtam. With over 2.3 million devices connected today, Gurtam is a worldwide platform
providing services like Wialon.

Follow the link below to learn more about Gurtam and Wialon.

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Astreon has the hardware solutions that your customers need. With over 1600 devices compatible with our system, you can deploy the solution you had in mind, in budget, on time, with no additional development costs.

Our exclusive hardware distributor partner is Arpaway. Resellers can buy in bulk wholesale and have devices shipped pre-programmed, Sim inserted and ready to connect to any Astreon branded partner site. Link to Arpaway

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A good network is the backbone of any IoT solution. Through our network partners, we provide the best connectivity options on the most robust networks worldwide. Focusing on modern connectivity, we provide the best options from LTE, LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat-M, NB-IoT, and 5G to meet your needs from today for many years to come. A few preferred hardware partners:

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