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At Astreon, we’re all about helping you get around. Our Technical support team is available for any questions you may have regarding our products. Our multilingual support allows us to keep in touch with regardless of your time zone or region. For those wishing to advance their knowledge, or just start off with Astreon, our experts will provide training sessions to address any technical or business-specific needs. Ticket-based Astreon Help System (Link to our Freshdesk page) ensures prompt and efficient problem-solving approach to help you get more out of Wialon.

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How we work

We address most of the issues via e-mail which allows us to examine every problem in detail and involve a dedicated expert in the process. In certain cases a phone call or online consultant on our website may be enough to get the right answer. For deeper insight into Astreon products, online tutorials and training sessions are available.

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technical support performance evaluation

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