October Monthly Update

What’s new in October

Good day Astreon clients and partners! This monthly newsletter covers plenty of updates, so make sure not to miss out. Many features and companion apps have been enhanced to help drive more benefits to you and your fleet.

Astreon Main Portal Updates


VIN Decoder Update

With a recent update to the VIN decoder within the “Profile” tab of a unit’s settings, you will now get even more fields populated automatically with essential vehicle information.

VIN Decoder Update

New Feedback Tool

In the Dashboard view (within the Monitoring section) as well as when selecting the new “Vector” map options within the map button, a Feedback Button has been added to collect feedback from end users regarding these relatively new features. This will help the development team collect information from users that are working with these features on a day to day which will help to better improve future updates and enhancements with these features.


Feedback Tool


Mileage for rides in reports

We added a Mileage column to all types of reports. The column shows the mileage of the unit track from the first to the last stop. The column shows 0 (zero) if a bus does not visit any stops or is parked for the period.



Grouping in reports

You can now group data in reports by

  • Unit
  • Field
  • Driver
  • Operation
  • Crop

Grouping in reports

With this new grouping capability, reports are easily generated, plus get relevant information quickly.

Please note that grouping is not set by default, so users need to set grouping criteria before generating a report.


Fuel Sensor Prioritization

You can now prioritize the order of fuel sensors if several similar sensors were installed on your vehicle or asset.  Traditionally values from multiple fuel sensors in a unit were summed up, as a result it was difficult to get detailed and more granular fuel sensor data.

By setting the priority of fuel sensors, you can obtain the exact value of the fuel spent from the specific fuel sensor.

Fuel Sensor Prioritization


Sending notifications to private Telegram channels

Notifications used to be sent to only public Telegram channels, now you are able to send notifications to private Telegram channels as well.


Unit Cost for a specified time period

A new calculation function has been added. You are now able to calculate unit maintenance cost per KM/Mile for a specific time period and not just entire lifetime. You can specify the required period you want to calculate from the calendar.

Unit Cost for a specified time period

The total cost of unit maintenance for the selected period is divided by its actual mileage for the same period. The cost of the selected period is displayed on the right in the calendar.


Displaying the average cost of several units in a report

You can now obtain the average cost of several units in a report. The following options have been added to the reports tab in the user interface, within the report type field.

  • By fleet cost per 1 km
  • By unit cost per 1 km

Displaying the average cost of several units in a report

This report gives you a comprehensive overview to analyze which month was profitable, when there were losses, for instance due to car breakdowns or other factors, for the required period (for example, for a month).


Unit mileage since operation start

In the unit profile, you can specify the mileage value since the vehicle started its operation. This value is the actual mileage of the unit. It is needed to calculate the average unit cost correctly.

Unit mileage since operation start


Custom Fields column added in reports

The new custom fields have been added as a column in unit reports. After you activate this option, the table displays all columns with custom fields for the selected report period. Now the custom fields are displayed both in report tables in Astreon hosting and logistics reports.

Custom Fields

In addition, the new custom fields will be displayed in the exported file, both .xlsx, and .pdf.

Please note that the custom fields column group is available only for the report with detailization since only orders have custom fields. Without detailization, there will be empty columns in your reports.

Required custom fields

Last month, we introduced the new custom fields feature. Custom fields can help you do in-depth analysis by creating custom fields with additional details. You can add and remove these custom fields. You can edit these values at the planning stage in active and planned routes.

These fields are in a separate field in the order creation/modification dialog box.

Custom fields
Custom fields in the order creation / edit dialog


Custom fields
Custom fields in the order table


This month, the functionality of creating required fields in the settings on the custom fields tab has also been added. From the setting, you can create and name custom fields. The field names you added in the settings will be displayed by default in the order creating dialog and the order table. In addition, each custom field name and its value are distributed in separate columns, which allows you to change each column’s order in the table and sort information by column.

custom field

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